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Innovators Hive is an online library and community space dedicated to driving innovations that strengthen local leadership in the peacebuilding and development sectors. Explore knowledge products and tools, contribute your resources, and connect with a vibrant community of change makers worldwide.

Innovators Hive is an initiative by Conducive Space for Peace. It was born out of a recognition that globally, there are many initiatives, projects, practices and people driving change for local leadership, but that often these initiatives and individuals are not sufficiently connected. We developed Innovators Hive out of a desire to see increased connection, sharing and learning. We hope you will return to the Innovators Hive library and community often, much like bees as they return to their hive after crosspollinating.

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Innovative Practices Mapping of Initiatives

This is a snapshot of innovative practices used mostly by international organisations - bilateral donors, multilateral organisations and international NGOs - to support and promote local leadership.

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