Innovators Hive

This map accompanies a learning note that is a snapshot of innovative practices used mostly by international organisations—bilateral donors, multilateral organisations and international NGOs—to support and promote local leadership. The hope is to inspire those who are part of the international aid system in taking forward efforts to innovate and to learn from one another on how to create change leading to greater local leadership.

Given the fast moving and diverse universe of innovations, this mapping is not exhaustive. As new initiatives emerge, we would like to ask members of the community to share the innovations that have inspired them or that they have implemented. These initiatives will be added to this map and in this way, we hopes to create a living map that is reflective of this community and is co-owned, for practitioners to be inspired by emerging practices in the future. Please fill in this form and your practice will be added.

Using your mouse, click around and zoom in to discover the different types of subcategories and practices and read more. You can use the tabs at the top of the page to filter or use the search bar if looking for something specific. It is important to note that we have not assessed the effectiveness of these practices. Their inclusion here does not indicate endorsement.

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