Decolonizing AI Ethics: Indigenous AI Reflections

By: Jennafer Shae Roberts | July 2023 | Blog



This article highlights a quote about bringing an end to colonization and elaborates on how we can imagine AI bringing on this end and starting new beginnings for a sustainable future. We will establish the importance of citing Indigenous thinkers in all spaces, in an effort to decolonize without repeatedly colonizing, and how this is something that is crucial to my own research. Then we begin to discuss the challenges we are up against in the Western techno-utilitarian landscape and the importance of a mindset shift. Following that, some examples of how AI could potentially help democracy are introduced in order to show its true potential.

This is a call to action for readers to get involved in decolonizing ethics in AI. The action starts in our own thoughts and behaviors, and in how we interact with and use AI. If we can consider the possibilities of AI weaving into the goals of inclusivity and sustainability, celebrating diversity, and promoting democracy, we can bring it into reality. It does take work. If nothing is done, things will continue as they are.

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