Donor Transformation Challenge: Strengthen your support for grassroots changemakers

By: CIVICUS | January 2024 | Toolkits



The only way positive change happens is when powerful changemakers are recognised, resourced and supported. Citizen action is evolving. We now see less formal civil society organisations (CSOs) and more people-led collective efforts moving quickly and fluidly to meet rising interconnected crises. They are not only acting as first responders during local emergencies, but are also the ones closest to the needs, demands and visions of their communities. Their undeniably critical work is driving positive change in very concrete ways:

  • Modifying unfair laws
  • Encouraging policy change
  • Holding duty bearers accountable
  • Crafting solutions to some of our most vexing social problems, and
  • Promoting peace, human rights and equality.

We must keep learning how to build honourable and lasting relationships with these local changemakers, grassroots groups and movements, and engage in solidarity with them.

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