It takes all of us: Shifting power and decolonizing development

By: Grace Boone and Jasmine Kato-Naughton | January 2024 | Blog



“This is not just for the Global South, but for our global survival,” Nana Afadzinu, Executive Director at West Africa Civil Society Institute (WASCI), told us as 700 people from 70+ countries gathered for the #ShiftThePower Summit in Bogota, Colombia this past December. We spent the following three days at the Summit discussing the role we all have to play to shift power, build solidarity, heal from trauma to transformation, decolonize philanthropy and aid, and so much more.

It’s difficult for humans to imagine the future. And, as difficult as it may be and has been, those of us at the Summit did just that. We were able to articulate what we’re working towards and how to do that together: A world without logos, silos, egos, or halos (as one breakout group named it) where we are all working towards our collective liberation. To get there, we all have a role to play: to imagine, articulate, and work towards this future. We need all of us to do this.


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