Overcoming Obstacles: Deep Diving into Challenges of the HDP Nexus

By: Globalt Fokus | 2023 | Reports and Policy Briefs



Many civil society organisations have good conceptual understanding of the Humanitarian, Development, and Peace (HDP) nexus. Nevertheless, several still face difficulties. In response, Global Focus developed a comprehensive approach – a “Deep Dive” – to thoroughly analyse challenges and promote ongoing improvement. This learning report aims to provide insight into how the Deep Dive was conducted, and how the gained experience can be – and has been – leveraged.
The actions taken after the Deep Dive have demonstrated the importance of simplifying complex nexus concepts and translating them into practical organisational practices and realities. The intention of the Deep Dive was to initiate a dialogue and generate ideas, and this report is intended to inspire
CSOs, peers of Global Focus, donors, and other stakeholders.

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