Reimagining the role of the INGO through community building and shared learning. Nancy Kankam Kusi (WACSI) interviewed.

By: The Power Shift: Decolonising Development | March 2024 | Podcasts



In this week’s episode, we speak to Nancy Kankam Kusi from West Africa Civil Society Institute (WACSI) about their focus on advocacy, influencing, and facilitating an enabling environment for civil society organisations across West Africa and beyond.

Nancy talks to us about the importance of knowledge sharing on issues of decolonisation and localisation, and how WACSI facilitates spaces for fruitful discussions across the sector. The Decolonising Advisory Community at WACSI provides support to organisations in the Global South in decolonising their practice. They focus on community building and shared learning in order to come up with collective strategies to reimagine the role of INGOs and influence policy in the long term.

Nancy Kankam Kusi is Program Officer of Knowledge Management at the West African Civil Society Institute in Ghana. Nancy also leads a diverse team of civil society actors to initiate and implement international development programs that promote community philanthropy, shifting power and resources to the grassroots, localising and decolonising development initiatives in the Global South. She’s also a member of the RINGO Project and the initiator of the Decolonising Advisory Community.

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